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Didgeridu Sales

This page is still under construction. More images of merchandise will be available soon...

All didgeridoos are individually handcrafted from ABS tubing. It has great sound quality and it is very durable.

The raw material is first cut to size and thoroughly cleaned. End flares or bells are formed to improve the sound quality. Each piece is hand sanded before painting. A paint job of your chosing is applied in several coats and allowed to dry for a 48 hour period. A final clear coat is then applied to protect the didgeridu. The final step is to form the mouthpiece with beeswax to ensure a good seal.

Playing instructions and tips are included with your didgeridu purchase.


Pricing varies based on two factors:

Style: Two shapes are currently available.
      Straight Shot: A straight cylindrical shape.
                     (Great for first timers)

      Organic: Warped and dented cylindrical shape. 
               (Offers unique sound characteristics)

Paint: Two paint options are currently available.

      Solid: One solid color.

      Two Tone: Two colors faded together at the half way point.

          STYLE              PAINT            PRICE(US$)

       Straight Shot         Solid               20.00
       Straight Shot       Two Tone             25.00
         Organic             Solid               30.00
         Organic           Two Tone             35.00

     * All styles are available in lengths 52" - 67" 
     * Accepted payment methods: C.O.D., money order, and
                                  personal checks.

     * Merchandise will be shipped when payment is recieved, 
       with the exception of personal checks. All personal
       checks must clear before I can release the merchandise.

     * You are responsible for paying the shipping charges.

Spiritual Winds Order Form